Shown here is the entrance for Suite #1.  At the end of this walkway shown in this photo is the entrance for Suite #2. 

Shown here is the entrance for Suite #1.  At the end of this walkway shown in this photo is the entrance for Suite #2. 

Below is some information for you regarding your check in, driving directions and breakfast menu options to help you find our place and also help you to check-in to your suite should your hosts not be on the property when you arrive.  We also want to help our guests free to leave their travel days unstructured for late check-ins etc.


The best driving directions to our place can be found on our web site and its a good idea to print out a copy to have with you in your vehicle come travel day. When you arrive please follow the driveway all the way up and to the front of our home. You can then park in front of the garage so you are just below and in front of your suite that is situated on top of our garage. 


Your WIFI Network is "Motorola" and your password is "2027frames"


Once parked in front of our double garage you will see your suites patio deck above the car park. On the east side of the garage at ground level you will find a staircase leading up the the two private entrances to our two self contained suites. The Suite number is clearly marked in white on the door - our walkways and stair case are lit for your safety. 

We are on a septic field system so it is very important that  no kleenex or anything besides body waste and toilet paper be flushed down our toilets please. As it can be a very costly repair should the wrong things get flushed down our toilets - we thank you for your care regarding this issue.  

Your suite entrance door will be left unlocked for you upon arrival. We will supply an entrance door key for you and leave it on the counter by the kitchen sink. Beside this key will also be a list of Breakfast choices for you to consider for your following day's breakfast. Please fill this out and drop it off at the main house front door in the black mailbox. We would  appreciate these breakfast sheets dropped off by 6pm the night before when possible. Our menu items change from time to time and some items need special preparation so we ask to have the sheets handed in by 6pm to help your hosts prepare for the following day. 

For our guests staying in Suite #2 we have included a photo below of our cabinet that houses our HD box for your TV. The door that is shown as swung down with the remote sitting on the open door is something you need to open up so the remote can see and communicate with the cable box.